Ignite, Inspire, Infuse, Empower…Lady, Guide my Hand


Please note that Kitchen Wands is located in British Columbia, Canada and all prices are posted in Canadian dollars.

The words in this spoon are a prayer, a request to spark a stronger connection with the Divine, to open the mind and heart, fill your body and your creative work with healing. It ends with an expression of willingness to allow Spirit to be the guide.

The symbol on the spoon represents three phases of the moon, the waxing (growing), full and waning (diminishing) aspects of the cycle.

The Moon is often seen as a symbol of goddess energy as it effects rhythms on the planet (tides) and feminine cycles (sometimes called moon time ). It also symbolizes three stages of a woman’s life Maiden, Mother, Crone.

Together, these are a request for a deeper personal connection with the Divine Feminine aspect that holds sway in the kitchen.


Each individually handcrafted 13 inch beech wood spoon comes via a protected, managed forest in Europe. Once in Canada, they are charmed with a laser engraver and dipped in a bath of grape seed oil and melted beeswax which brings out the grain and deepens the tone of the wood. Washing in warm water, by hand, and the occasional wipe with a food safe oil will help extend the life of a Kitchen Wand. The image is burned into the wood and will not “come off”. Over time though, as the patina of use develops, the image and the engraving on the handle “My Kitchen Wand” may soften.

The description of this design is easily accessible to customers through an information only webpage on the Kitchen Wand tag.

Additional information

Weight .06 kg
Dimensions 39 × 6.5 × 1 cm