Kitchen Witch Collection


Please note that Kitchen Wands is located in British Columbia, Canada and all prices are posted in Canadian dollars.

Our Curated Collections are carefully put together to get your shop ready to sell Kitchen Wand products as easily as possible.

The Kitchen Witch Collection consists of 18 pre-selected Kitchen Wands: 3 each of the following…

Blessed Be my food for Thee
Time to stir up something Magical
Time to stir up something Magical
Enchanting Creation
From the Earth to my kitchen, used in Healing & Witchen’
Ignite, Inspire, Infuse, Empower, Lady Guide my hand
Beannachtai na Bride ar an teach seo/Brigid’s blessings upon this house


Each individually handcrafted 13 inch beech wood spoon comes via a protected, managed forest in Europe. Once in Canada, they are charmed with a laser engraver and dipped in a bath of grape seed oil and melted beeswax which brings out the grain and deepens the tone of the wood.

Due to density of wood, location in the tree and other factors, each Kitchen Wand will be unique. Dandelion Wishes is a good example of the current finished product. The colour of the wood is darker and so is the finished engraving.

Washing in warm water, by hand, and the occasional wipe with a food safe oil will help extend the life of a Kitchen Wand. The image is burned into the wood and will not “come off”. Over time though, as the patina of use develops, the image and the engraving on the handle “My Kitchen Wand” may soften.

Collections are packed in boxes that have room for additional tea towels, books, kitchen plaques or 6 Kitchen Wands while still staying in the same Canada Post weight category, real free shipping.

Additional information

Weight 1.10 kg
Dimensions 39 × 24 × 5.5 cm