Blend dandelion wishes with lioness might; allow to bubble


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There is a Scandinavian saying, ”God gives every bird its worm, but He doesn’t drop it in the nest”. As with all Kitchen Wands this is a gentle reminder that you are a vital addition to success in all your intentions. Might is not strength alone. It is prowess, and empowerment; being a force of nature.

A lioness is most active during twilight, making her a crepuscular creature. Many cultures view dawn and dusk as powerful times, full of possibilities. It is not one or the other but a space between. From a scientific perspective it is part of the mysteries of quantum mechanics. From a spiritual perspective, it is that “whole-y” place created within which to connect to spirit, another place of mighty potential.

One of dandelions gifts is as a cleansing tonic, another reminder that space may need to be cleared before that wish can manifest in your life.

Bubbling is a process that brings disparate ingredients together to form something new. Meat and vegetables become stews, fruits thicken to jam. It is a maturing time.

Allow your dandelion wishes and lioness might to bubble into maturity.



Each individually handcrafted 13 inch beech wood spoon comes via a protected, managed forest in Europe. Once in Canada, they are charmed with a laser engraver and dipped in a bath of grape seed oil and melted beeswax which brings out the grain and deepens the tone of the wood.

Washing in warm water, by hand, and the occasional wipe with a food safe oil will help extend the life of a Kitchen Wand. The image is burned into the wood and will not “come off”. Over time though, as the patina of use develops, the image and the engraving on the handle “My Kitchen Wand” may soften.

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Weight .06 kg
Dimensions 39 × 6.5 × 1 cm