Thirteen Moons


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The moons journey around the earth includes waxing, full, waning and dark phases before the cycle repeats itself. There are 13 lunar cycles in a solar year of the wheel. This triple moon image has also come, in some groups, to represent the three aspects of the Divine Feminine; maiden, mother and crone.

Edged with cotton lace for easy washing, the filigree moons transition from fuchsia to lavender to blue with deep purple writing.



All Kitchen Wand tea towels are small batch, digitally printed with water based dyes.

Brushed cotton is a premium tea towel. Designed and woven to feel more like linen. This is your grandmother’s tea towel, the piece de resistance of tea towel materials. It will last forever ( not literally ) and will take time to soften and wear in, sometimes longer than one might appreciate.

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Weight .084 kg
Dimensions 26 × 21.5 × .5 cm