Grandmother Weaver


Please note that Kitchen Wands is located in British Columbia, Canada and all prices are posted in Canadian dollars.

Cross orb weaver spiders happily find homes in woodpiles, pumpkin patches and window corners. They are oft times seen as teachers and helpers from which support can be requested.

“Creating your web of glittering strands, I work a like magic from caring hands. At home by my hearth, I spin with love with you at my window, ensconced above. Wisdom, protection, I ask you to share with thanks & a blessing that well may you fare. Grandmother Weaver, please act as my guide as forth on my journey I stumble & stride. Show me sight true, that clear I might see. With harm to no one, So Mote It Be.“



All Kitchen Wand tea towels are small batch, digitally printed with water based dyes.

Brushed cotton is a premium tea towel. Designed and woven to feel more like linen. This is your grandmother’s tea towel, the piece de resistance of tea towel materials. It will last forever ( not literally ) and will take time to soften and wear in, sometimes longer than one might appreciate.

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Weight .084 kg
Dimensions 26 × 21.5 × .5 cm