Cookie Stamps


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Triskele – diverse, complex and varied are the meaning of this symbol. Probably most well know as the symbol on the alter stone at Newgrange, the triple spiral has many other paths worth exploring.

Turning of the Wheel – representing eight celebration days in agrarian life and their relationship to the sun, eight points of flame, repeatedly cycling through the seasons of the year.

Steaming Cauldron – a symbol of transformation, change and rebirth. Over a hearth, cauldrons served as the hub of the house. Cooking, as well as soap making and bath water came from what for many families was their finest object.

Cat on Crescent Moon – looking down from either the waxing or waning moon, she watches. Sacred to Diana, in ancient Rome, the cat was also thought of as a guardian of homes and a symbol of domestic goodness. Muslim, Norse and Egyptian traditions also have strong connections to cats in their herstories.



Four alder wood laser cut cookie stamps, just under two inches in diameter.

They have been bathed in beeswax and fractionated coconut oil. Please wash by hand in warm soapy water. Not recommended for a dishwasher.

Can also be used in soap making (see gallery picture above) and clay projects.

Additional information

Weight .019 kg
Dimensions 13.5 × 10 × .5 cm